Angelica Garcia

Educator & Level 4 Stylist

🌟 Meet Angelica Garcia! 🌟

With a passion for reading and staying fit, Angelica Garcia brings a unique flair to the glam squad. When she's not perfecting her craft in the salon, you can find her indulging in self-care rituals, diving into a good book, or enjoying a leisurely stroll. Beyond the salon, Angelica cherishes moments with her family, often found cheering on her loved ones at the baseball fields. What she loves most about being part of the glam squad is the camaraderie and the opportunity for continuous education, where everyone supports and uplifts each other. Join Angelica for a transformative experience that goes beyond just styling hairβ€”it's about fostering connections and empowering beauty inside and out. πŸ’‡β€β™€οΈπŸ’–